Communication means sharing. Each information that you deliver/transmit by telling, writing, watching or touching, creates an interaction with the person it reaches.
For making this interaction strong and reliable, FSAP develops methods and design projects suitable to new communication technologies.

From the very first news sheet distributed by Julius Caesar’s order, communication methods evolved, yet the notion of “content” hasn’t changed.

For this reason, FSAP collaborates with worthy media, communication, design, broadcasting, publishing, production and planning professionals to create new stories - in conjunction with the right contents and strategies. In the triangle of media, information and target, FSAP draws colorful roadmaps which answers your “what, when, where and how” questions and designates “the content” as the lead actor in those roadmaps.

"Our confidence in communication and marketing methods which are applied by “content” and our 15+ years of experience, is the source of our courage to establish Turkey’s First Content Agency.”
Founder Efsun Gül.

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