Each job is special to us and it requires elaborate effort. Our favorite thing is to enjoy our work, be proud of the end result, and put some smiles on faces.
The best part of our job is that we can work on projects we'd sincerely wish to be a part, viewer, or reader of.
16. Vodafone Freezone High School Music Contest
The Beginning
In 2011 and 2012, we'd succeeded in turning the spirit of Turkey's one and only high school music contest Vodafone Freezone into stories that gave us hope about the future. The contest was held in Istanbul in 2011, and in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara in 2012 with participation of 1641 aspiring musicians from 274 schools. By 2013, it has turned into a huge youth project that involves the whole country, and the story of this progress had to be memorable.
What happened?
Our journey started on February 2013 with Antalya auditions followed by Izmir, Ankara, Gaziantep, Istanbul, and Bursa auditions which brought us together with hundreds of young people. In 2013, Northern Cyprus was also included in the contest. That meant giving every high school student in Turkey a chance to enter the contest. In the final of the contest -held on April 27th in Istanbul- the judge panel included the legendary vocalist of the renowned hard rock band Anthrax, Joey Belladonna and also Teoman, Hakan Ozoguz of Athena, Tarkan Gozubuyuk, Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz, and Turhan Yukseler. On the day of the finale, the participants enjoyed an amazing performance by Emre Aydin, had the chance to see performances by the finalists along with professional bands like Social Inclusion Band, Contrast, Pervane. And we had a special surprise for those who couldn't be there on the finale day!
How did we do it?
Just like in 2011 and 2012, we created a broadcast plan that would cover all platforms to enable music fans to give their support to the high school bands at 2013's contest. These plans were supported by transmedia cross-promotion strategies. The viewing habits of the audiences for each platform were taken into consideration in the meanwhile. This content was supported with designs that fit the dynamism of the contest. The transmedia content that we created for the finale was a first in Turkey. Live broadcasts were carried out with different content on new and more traditional media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Kral Pop TV being in the first place. Backstage action, artist interviews and surprise appearances were aired live simultaneously alongside the performances and the award ceremony.
The Happy Ending
Vodafone Freezone High School Music Contest has been growing each year and meeting young people as the most extensive music contest in Turkey. We've been breaking ground in media by accompanying this growth with crossmedia, transmedia and branded content marketing strategies. FSAP has been awarded three Crystal Apples in 2013, driving us to do even better work.
Vodafone Freezone High School Music Contest is a Serhat Hacipasalioglu organization by End Productions.