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20th ─░stanbul Jazz Fest. / Alicia Keys - Concert shooting
The Beginning
Highly creative, world-famous soul singer Alicia Keys was the best surprise of the year. We sat down with Alicia Keys' team to talk about the concert filming details.
What happened?
We got ready for the demands using our foresight and started working for this exceptional and exciting concert. On the day of the concert, we got together with the director and the stage visuals manager of Alicia Keys' "World On Fire" tour. This time around, the director we'd just met was to sit on the seat of honour amongst the team and equipment that we'd gathered together. Our team is used to leaving every big show with a funny anecdote, and in this instance it was the HD Lipstick Camera Set that gave us a hard time, but we managed to come through at the end. Additionally, two professional broadcast consultants accompanied the director to harmonise the communication of multinational team. Everything was set and ready, and the director took his seat that we hoped he'd be comfortable in.
The Happy Ending
Our whole team was awestruck by the director who managed to impeccably keep up with the choreography that changed with each performance. Keys' spontaneous alterations to her usual tour show caught us by surprise as much as the viewers. Keeping step with it was quite fun though. At the end of the concert, Alicia Keys' tour team was satisfied as well as FSAP. We received congratulations, thanks and a Girl on Fire record singed by Alicia Keys and we left the arena.