Each job is special to us and it requires elaborate effort. Our favorite thing is to enjoy our work, be proud of the end result, and put some smiles on faces.
The best part of our job is that we can work on projects we'd sincerely wish to be a part, viewer, or reader of.
Model İle Birlikte Hayata
Birlikte Hayata 2014
"The event that every summer lover would love to go." When we took on the content work of such a creative and fun event, we prepared for an elaborate and detailed work.
What Happened?
The excitement we felt when we first heard about the surprise event that would happen at Aya Yorgi, one of the most exclusive bays of Cesme, lasted throughout the event. We started working on developing the technical infrastructure to show what's going on a stage about 200 meters off the sea shore at one of the most crowded bays of the country. We were everywhere; on the sea, land, the dock, a speedboat, underwater, in deep water. The goal was to record the various moods felt at the same moment. To tell this summer story, we used the details we collected from Model's sail from the dock to the stage, to the kids that jumped in the water to get close to the stage upon noticing that there was a show going on.

The Happy Ending
It's our expectation to not miss a single thing at surprise projects like this one. We gifted everyone a musical "farewell to summer" content with a video that got over 150.000 hits on its first week, a soaked Model performance and the hottest interview ever.