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The best part of our job is that we can work on projects we'd sincerely wish to be a part, viewer, or reader of.
One Love Festival 10
Efes Pilsen
The Beginning
Efes Pilsen One Love Festival has been giving Turkish music lovers a chance to see world-famous musical acts live for over 10 years, and we set out to provide the audience that "lived it to get it" the opportunity to watch and relive the experience over and over again. It's a festival where people go to be happy, and we were determined to design ways to share the happy moments on social media and TV.
What happened?
We thought, "it's not enough to be the festival that creates the most content in Turkey,
One Love also needs to be the most broadcasted, and most watched.
Only the festival and the participants should benefit from this,
The content should be able to integrate with the festival with all of its visual elements.
The broadcaster should feel privileged to air this great content."
How did we do it?
We designed and created a festival document, a "best of" performance show, concert shows, social media content, a short film that tells the story quickly but in detail, and shows about the musical acts. We prepared confidential work plans for our huge team to explain them their schedule as clearly as possible. We had a great grasp of hundreds of details such as artist problems, lens usage, participant selection, and stage coordination to feed the content before we started the job. Once the festival was over, we cherished our hard disks that were packed with "those moments". We put the images together in compliance with the story, defined our "everyone must watch" strategies, and released the content into the world.

The Happy Ending
The content took its place on social media, digital media portals, and national TV. As usual, we'd designed our broadcast plan to take the project strongly to the finish line, we relieved the experience just like you did.