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One Love Festival 11
Efes Pilsen
The Beginning
One Love is known to be most fun-packed music festival in Turkey. In April 1012, we started working on turning its both traditional and brand new activities into the perfect media content for the 11th annual edition. Moving up the previous year's success was our top priority. We planned to draw more attention to The Unfiltered Stage, seeing the festival area from different angles and creating videos that would be social-media hits in this updated story.
What happened?
We started setting up and filming simultaneously, days before One Love Festival 11 to turn it into successful content from cover to cover and in great detail. We left the area the day after the festival was over. We worked with a 75-person team throughout the festival, and this time around, we designed a filming setup that would enable us to see the stage from the sky, and stream both stages live and simultaneously. At the same time, we were on the field alongside the participants for all the fun activities like Flashmob, OneLike, Silent Disco, and Foosball.
How did we do it?
The performances on both stages were streamed live on muzikicinefes.com for two days. The program also included interviews with festival-goers in-between concerts. The whole content was streamed simultaneously, with strategies that enabled contents to support each other. It was a priceless experience to share one of Turkey's most extensive festival broadcast ever with music fans. 36 meters above The Golden Horn, we saw how well One Love Festival main stage goes with the gorgeous silhouette of Istanbul.
The Happy Ending
We completed our broadcasting agreements with the TV channels and digital mediums that match the content. The highlights, electric stage performances and many other cool moments have been meeting the audience since then.