Each job is special to us and it requires elaborate effort. Our favorite thing is to enjoy our work, be proud of the end result, and put some smiles on faces.
The best part of our job is that we can work on projects we'd sincerely wish to be a part, viewer, or reader of.
Pegasus Airlines Newsletter
Some Agency
The Beginning
The project was created by the visionary Some Agency, and aimed to prepare a guide about European destinations for Pegasus Airlines passengers. They trusted us with the magazine's content.
What happened?
Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Rome, Milan, Stockholm and Beirut were chosen among beautiful European cities. We started working. We traveled, read, explored, liked, fell in love, and finally pieced our experiences together.
How did we do it?
We talked over our travel notes and information, created a reader-friendly summary of them, and cut it into sections. We squeezed all the information from the cities' prominent historic places to delicious cuisine, reputation, and 'the bests' into a single page. We also added some breathtaking images.
The Happy Ending
We delivered everything to Some Agency for visual design and print. We were there for Pegasus Airlines passengers with a tour guide disguised as a magazine. Due to mutual satisfaction with this collaboration, we worked together again in the Pegasus Suitcase project.