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Red Bull Secret Gig
Red Bull
The Beginning
One of the globally known brands that first come to mind when you hear the word "adrenaline", Red Bull, has offered music fans an exciting experience with an extraordinary music festival's Turkey debut. This experience is called "Saklı Sahne (The Secret Stage)", and it's an extraordinary concert that only 300 people are allowed to see in a secret venue! Our goal was to find ways to tell The Secret Stage mystery most efficiently, design & produce content that tells the story.
What happened?
The music fans that won the right to take part in The Secret Stage were only given a meeting place and time. They were sure there'd be a happy ending without knowing the answers to the questions of "where" and "how". We decided to be at every stop that the participants will be surprised and happy, in line with the information we received about the surprises. What's more, we wanted the viewers to experience this exciting adventure from the participants' point of view. That way, we told a "you've got to live it to get it" experience with our content. The participants met at Besiktas Square at 6 PM, and were directed to the Secret Stage Boat at the ferry port. As they set sail to The Secret Stage, they enjoyed a cozy Multitap Concert. As the boat docked at Beykoz Kundura Factory, they still had no idea where they were, and were following the directions. When they finally arrived at The Secret Stage, Duman took the stage. FSAP teams followed them at every step.
How did we do it?
First, we decided on the content that would tell The Secret Stage story the best. Digital media and TV were designated as the main broadcast mediums. We organized teams to record every detail according to pre-determined treatments at the designated locations of Besiktas, the ferry port, the boat, and The Secret Stage. While a 20-person team was making a story of the journey, our 10-person concert team was ready and waiting at Beykoz Kundura Factory. In the meantime, the special content that would help share The Secret Stage organization with the viewers was being filmed. Also included in our story was the setup process at Beykoz Kundura Factory and The Secret Stage boat.
The Happy Ending
Red Bull Secret Stage that made its debut in Turkey left its mark with this extraordinary experience it offered to music fans. Our content took place on Red Bull Media House, Power Turk TV, and social media platforms. When you see it, you'll feel the mystery, and look forward to the next Red Bull Secret Stage adventure.