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Vodafone Freezone 17. Highschool Music Contest
Vodafone 2014
The Beginning
In 2014, Turkey's one and only inter-high school music contest Vodafone FreeZone High School Music Contest has left its mark as the organization that offers thousands of high schoolers memorable opportunities, making their dreams come true. As usual, FSAP has created a project to embark on yet another success and it did deliver.
What Happened?
Shortly before the auditions that kicked off in March in Ankara and then went on to Adana, Istanbul and Izmir; we had begun to design the 2014's content strategies that would enable us to take on various media in total harmony. We prepared our broadcast guide after determining all the content that would be broadcast/published in every medium from radio to TV, websites and social media to reinforce the meaning of the project -but with an addition this time: We also included a channel on izlesene.com created by us from its design to frequency, content, and visibility.
How We Did It?
We created a new content management plan bearing in mind the consumption habits of the target audience. Just like we do every year, we reinforced the communication with TV and radio content, and linked it with digital media using cross-media tactics. We opted for appearing in media that is relevant to the project without making too much noise and in such a way that the media would support each other, instead of going for every medium. We positioned the digital channel we created as the project archive compatible with user behavior. The target audience found out where, when, and how to access the whole archive and familiarized themselves with the channel until the finale, and the medium beat the records during both the auditions and the finale.
The Happy Ending
biggest music contest in Turkey in its 17th year. The content management and creation that suits this project bore FSAP's signature. We told this amazing story in five different media with an appropriate tone for the goal. The new channel we created broke records in Turkish digital music broadcasting charts in two months: Duration, 2 months / Number of content: 2000+ / Number of content formats: 5+ / Number of channel views: 5.000.000+ / Live broadcast view (total) 3.000.000+ (momentary) 20.000+