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The best part of our job is that we can work on projects we'd sincerely wish to be a part, viewer, or reader of.
Vodafone Istanbul Calling / Rihanna - Concert shooting
The Beginning
As the world-famous acts to perform in Turkey in 2013 get announced one by one, it's hard to miss one emerging pattern: Most of these concerts gather under the name of Vodafone Istanbul Calling. The thrill of getting across the stage energy of these breathtaking events organized by Pozitif Live to the audience as closely as possible to a real-life experience is priceless and FSAP experienced this thrill with music lovers.
What happened?
We started having meetings weeks before the shows: Rihanna (in BJK Inonu Stadium), Placebo and The XX (in Park Orman) as part of Vodafone Istanbul Calling. The most detailed of these meetings was Rihanna meetings where we discussed every requirement in detail with the stage manager, tour manager, video director and the Pozitif Live team in order to keep our end up at Diamonds World Tour's Istanbul leg as well as possible. Our top priority was to design the filming crew and the equipment meticulously. Being a well-synchronized part of a global star's team called for scrutinizing every detail.
How did we do it?
One day left to the concert, we started carrying out filming details we'd established during pre-concert meetings. The leading actors of the preparations at BJK Inonu Stadium were the teams that would work throughout the concert. Once the camera positions, 100s of meters of fiber cabling, over-stage screen & image matching, the requested frames and more were all set for broadcasting Rihanna concert at the magnificent stadium, the rehearsals started off. The most delicate part of closed circuit broadcasting is keeping the difference between "the live" and "the real" at a minimum. If each and every fan at the show can feel closer to the stage and the artist watching the screens while enjoying the atmosphere they're in, the stage from their viewpoint, and the music at the same time, it means that the content conveyed has been designed the right way in terms of technique, aesthetics and rhythm.
The Happy Ending
The XX and Placebo concerts were held in Parkorman in August following - FSAP’s best stadium experience - the Rihanna concert in May. The key point for the shows was to keep in step with the artists at the right moment and in the right way. We aimed to harmonize with the emotional atmosphere at the Placebo show, and the goal at The XX show was to reflect the chemistry between the duo.